BOTOX®, Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal & Vela Smooth Services for Cleveland & Akron


Need an Aesthetic Medicine Center? Look no further than Body Beautiful.

Body Beautiful is an aesthetic medicine center that specializes in an array of services that include PhotoRejuvenation, VelaSmooth, Acne Therapy, Hair Removal, Laser Vein Therapy, BOTOX®, and much more. With these services we offer treatments for many skin issues such as red flushing skin, age spots, sun spots, broken capillaries, and unwanted hair.

Let our experienced staff analyze and design a personal treatment program to keep your skin and body looking beautiful. Every treatment is performed under the direction of our physicians to ensure safety and effective results!

Beautiful Skin comes from within. It starts with good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and appropriate skin care. Kelly L. Moorhead, MD, Colin Moorhead, MD and Julie A. Wallace, MD have combined their expertise and passion for excellence and expanded their practice to offer affordable cosmetic treatments for men and women. With state of the art medical technology, the medical professionals at Body Beautiful go beyond the traditional salon or medical techniques and provide treatments that are safe effective and affordable.

"I no longer have to shave, tweeze, pluck, wax or suffer from ingrown hair! I feel liberated!"
  - M.J. Miller

"After several treatments (PhotoRejuvenation), my skin looks remarkably improved!"
  - G. Moore

"My unsightly leg veins were embarrassing, IPL (intense pulse light) Therapy was the answer!"
  - S. Williams

Experience our gentle treatment, caring attitude and highly trained staff!